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About Bookamat

We provide simple, effective and affordable studio management software to Pilates, yoga and fitness studios everywhere.

One of the greatest challenges to running and growing a class, lesson or session based business is managing the ongoing client administration.

There’s no hiding from it, more clients bring more revenue but they also bring more rescheduling, more invoicing, more chasing late payments, more no shows and the list goes on.

Thankfully Bookamat has been designed to reduce client administration by automating administrative tasks to save you time that can be better spent on things that are most important to you.

It will even help increase your revenue with features such as bookings for friends and family members, online zoom classes, payment processing, recurring auto-debit and a host of other powerful and easy to use tools.

So welcome aboard! My hope is that Bookamat becomes a valuable asset to your business, saving you time and assisting your business to keep growing from strength to strength.

Benjamin Shannon
Bookamat, Founder & CEO

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