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Online Fitness Classes with Bookamat & Zoom

Simple To Integrate With Any Website!

Do it yourself website intragration for Wordpress, Wix, SquareSpace, GoDaddy and many more!

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    Your Brand

    Your Brand & Style

    Set button color to match your brand.

    Set button label to match your lingo.

    Set your logo on booking and registration pages.

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    Content Control

    Control Content

    Display activities 7, 14 or 30 days in the future.

    Show tabs for classes, packs and events.

    Hide columns or filters to suit your needs.

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    Do More With Bookamat

    Do More With Bookamat!

    Link to specific class passes.

    Create different schedules for different locations.

    Create different schedules for different staff.

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View Pricing

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Copy your link

Sign in to your Bookamat account, go to Settings > Links and copy the Live Schedule Link.

Step 2. Embed the code

Using your website builder or editor, select the iFrame or code input option and paste this code: < iframe src="your live schedule link" width="100%" height="900" frameborder="0" >

Step 3. Publish your website!

Now publish your website and voila! Your live schedule is now on display ready to take bookings. Changes made to your Bookamat class schedule will automatically update here. What a breeze!

My clients have mentioned on several occasions very easy to use - better than Mindbody!” - Sandy

Movement State

Live Schedule Example

This could be your website! Embed the code and voila! You are now ready for bookings!

Do more with Bookamat!

Can I link Bookamat to my Instagram profile?

Absolutely! Your live schedule link can be set as your Instagram profile website or as a LinkTree URL.

Can I link from my website to different class passes or packs?

Absolutely! Every class pass or pack has a unique URL which you can link to directly from your wesbite. to find the unique URL go to the Browse Packs tab and right click on the PURCHASE button and select 'Copy Link'.

Can I change the color of my live schedule?

Absolutely! You can modify the color and text to match your desired look and feel. Creating a beautiful and consistent experience from your website to the mat is easy with Bookamat studio software.

Can I create different schedules for different locations?

Absolutely! If you run multiple locations then you can also create a live schedule for each location. Simply add ?location=location-name to the end of your live schedule link. The location-name should be replaced with the name of your location you want to display. Use hypens (-) instead of spaces between words.

Can I change the number of days displayed?

Absolutely! By default your schedule will show 7 days. To change this add: ?days=30 to the end of your live schedule link to show 30 days, e.g.

Can I show events or workshops on the live schedule?

Absolutely! When you add events to your schedyule using the events category, they will automatically display under an Events & Woekshops tab.

Can vistors register, book and pay from the live schedule?

Absolutely! Visitors can browse, book, register then pay online. You'll be notified and once they have created an account they'll be added to your client list.

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