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Bookamat yoga and Pilates studio booking and payment app

Free Mobile & Desktop Apps!

Our mobile & desktop apps mean you, your staff and your clients can access Bookamat more easily than ever.

  • 1

    Client / Member App

    Client / member app

    Browse, book, pay and reschedule.

    Booking, payment and attendance history.

    Reminders for classes, expiring passes & more.

  • 2

    Business App

    Business / account holder app

    Run your business from your phone.

    Add or reschedule clients in a snap.

    Assign new passes, send emails and more.

  • 3

    Staff App

    Staff / teacher app

    View activities they are teaching.

    See participants and record class attendance.

    Get alerts about bookings at their classes.

View Pricing

View Pricing

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Visit our website

Visit our website on your mobile device using the Chrome or Safari web browser and look for the prompt to install the Bookamat app.

Step 2. Install mobile app

Confirm the app installation and then move it to your home screen. Open the app and sign in as business, instructor or client for instant access to your classes and / or bookings.

Step 3. Desktop app

To install our desktop app, visit our website using the Chrome, Edge or FireFox web browser and click on the plus-in-a-circle icon in the address bar. Install the app and enjoy Bookamat access at the click of a button from your desktop.

Wow this is an excellent system!

Mandy H, The Yoga Collective

Do more with Bookamat!

Can my clients browse, pay and book using the app?

Absolutely! Bookamat is designed with complete client self-service in mind. After all, many hands make light work!

Can clients control their notifications?

Absolutely! Clients can opt in our out of notifications. You can also control their notification settings from your business account.

Do my clients have to download the app?

Nope! The app is completely optional and clients can always access their bookings by signing in from our website. Not everyone wants to download another app.

Will my clients be exposed to offers by other studios?

Never! We won't expose your clients to offers by your competitors. Bookamat helps to strengthen your client relationships, not errode them.

Do you offer a branded app?

A studio branded app is certainly in the pipeline. If you would like to keep up to date on our new releases, please check our updates page or email us.

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