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Bookamat yoga studio app for online classes

Everything Your Clients Need

Invite clients to be in control of their own bookings. Increase client engagement and make better use of time.

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    Simple Bookings

    Simple bookings

    Browse your class schedule

    Choose from your payment plans

    Schedule, cancel or reschedule

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    Quick Payments

    Quick payments

    Paid directly into your account

    Choose how you want to be paid

    Optional payment processing

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    Subtle Engagement

    Subtle engagement

    Mobile and desktop app

    Bookings for friends and family members

    Profile photos, notifications and more!

Need Website Integration?

Need Website Integration?

As easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1. Invite your clients

Clients can register from your website, Facebook or Instagram account, or you can send them an invite directly from your Bookamat account.

Step 2. Register and sign in

Once registered, clients can sign in and view upcoming classes, schedule or reschedule credits, make new bookings and pay online. They can also upload a profile photo, add emergency contacts and make bookings on behalf of friends and family members.

Step 3. Install our mobile or desktop app

For added convenience clients can install our mobile app by visiting our website on any mobile device. Our app is small, fast and gives clients accesss to their bookings from their home screen.

I love Bookamat because it gives me control of my classes and I don't have to bug my teachers all the time!

Pilates Student, Woodstock Pilates

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How do my clients download the mobile app?

Clients will be prompted to install our mobile app when they visit our website while using a mobile device.

Can my clients make bookings for friends or family members?

Absolutely! One of our most popular features is that clients can book and pay on behalf of their friends and family members. It's the easiest way to sell more passes without trying!

Will my clients be exposed to my competitors offers?

Never! Unlike other platforms your clients won't be exposed to offers by competing businesses on Bookamat.

Is it easy for clients to use?

Absolutely! Thousands and thousand of clients from all over the world use Bookamat every day to manage their bookings and payments. We are regularly told that Bookamat is easier to use than our competitors.

Can clients join waiting lists?

Absolutely! Bookamat includes fully automated waiting list functionality. Clients can join a waiting list and will be notified if a space opens up.

Will I get notified when a new client joins my business?

Absolutely! We'll send you a notification whenever a new client joins your business. You can also view the client activity stream log to see all their interactions with your studio.

Can clients access their own billing and booking history?

Absolutely! We give clients access to their booking and billing history so you won't need to deal with those queries again.

Got a question about switching?
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